Air Conditioning

AIR CONDITIONING Keep your cool this summer with a refresh of you car’s air conditioning system. From a simple recharge to a complete overhaul and repair, Imprint automotive can handle it. Come see us today to have your car’s air conditioning upgraded from a wimpy sigh to a rush of cool air.

Brake service

BRAKE SERVICES Your brakes are critical to keeping you and your car safe. They can literally be the difference between life and death. Come by and have us tune up your brakes for top performance. We make sure you can stop, so that you can keep going.

Diagnostics and testing

DIAGNOSTICS AND TESTING Sometimes a mechanic is more like a car doctor than anything else. When your car isn’t working properly, it gives clues and codes that help determine the problem. We can pinpoint problems with our diagnostic systems, which will help us pinpoint any issues.

Emissions Testing

EMMISIONS TESTING Emissions testing helps curb excess pollution from exiting your car. The government sets strict standards for acceptable levels of emissions, helping to keep the planet healthy. We offer emissions testing in compliance with the Ministry of Transportation.

Engine Service

ENGINE SERVICE A little tune up can go a long way. At Imprint, we know how to get into your engine and make it hum. Bring your car to us for an engine service, and keep your car running smoother, longer.

Exhaust and Muffler

EXHAUST AND MUFFLER Your exhaust system is like the lungs of your engine. If it doesn’t work well, neither will your car. Our exhaust service will keep your car breathing, and keep its performance like new. We check every inch, every bend and every weld to ensure your car is at its best.

Fluids and filters

FLUIDS AND FILTERS Oil. Transmission fluid. Coolant. Even windshield washer fluid. You need them all if your car is going to run happily. We offer a complete range of fluid and filter replacements for all makes. We offer complete system flushes and top everything with fresh fluids to keep everything running smoothly.

Performance Tuning

PERFORMANCE UPGRADES This is not about keeping your car happy. This is about making your car a beast. We can boost your car’s performance and make it just that little bit more fun. We can make it just a little bit more personal. We can do a little, or we can do a whole lot.

Rust Proofing

RUST PROOFING We’re Canadian, and winter is a fact of Canadian life. And winter means salt. Don’t let the salt win. Salt eats cars, and can cut the life of a good car short. We can help prolong your car’s life by putting a protective layer between your car and that evil salt.


SUSPENSION SERVICE Your suspension makes your car the lovely smooth ride that it is, but it also keeps your car on the road. Blown or compromised suspension can lead to an unwieldy vehicle. Struts, springs, and mounts need maintenance to keep performing as designed.